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“Google It” (Infographic)

Posted on 23 November 2011 by Christian

It goes without saying, Google is a powerful tool. Many are not aware of the shortcuts and tricks that help define a Google search. This infographic lays out a few tips that enhances a search when you want to “Google it.”

Created by:

“Hack College” (http://www.hackcollege.com)

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Check out this infograph and learn how to Never Leave Home

Posted on 23 September 2011 by TH3 No08

If I could I’d never leave the house. I’ve got pretty much everything I need here and thanks to this infograph I can put it all together and make it happen. Enjoy.

Created by: College At Home

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Official trailer release for Hobo With A Shotgun

Posted on 30 March 2011 by TH3 No08

Magnet has released the official trailer for Jason Eisener’s Hobo with a Shotgun. The internet hype on this movie is reaching Snakes on a plane level which means we may be setting ourselves up for a bit of a dissapointment. I hope not though. I’ve been follwoing this since the beginning and look forward to seeing what Eisener can bring to the table in a feature length film.


A train pulls into its final station and a Hobo hops from a freight car. He has dreams of a fresh life in a new city, but finds himself trapped in an urban hell instead. A city where criminals rule the streets, landlords evict single mothers in the middle of the night, and where the city’s crime boss, The Drake, reigns supreme with his sadistic, homeless-killing sons, Slick & Ivan. Through the chaos, the Hobo comes across a shop window displaying a second hand lawn mower and a shotgun, and decides it’s time to cut the grass, make the city beautiful and start a new way of life. But after witnessing the brutality that encompasses this city, he realizes the only way to make a difference in this place is with a gun in his hand and two shells in its chamber.

Hobo With a Shotgun is set to be released On Demand on April 1st, and will get a theatrical release May 6th.

trailer from geektyrant.com

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Facebook, Twitter Explode After ‘X-Men: First Class’ Trailer Release

Posted on 13 February 2011 by Christian

Social media and the Internet lit up Thursday afternoon over 20th Century Fox’s first trailer for Matthew Vaughn’s

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We Live in a World Where a Guy Famous on the Internet for a Homemade Tron Outfit Can

Posted on 23 December 2010 by Christian

Freshman year of high school, this kid told everyone he was going to come to school dressed up as Darth Maul on opening night of Phantom Menace. Fearing for his personal safety and the prospects of his genetic lineage, we tried to talk him out of it. He did it anyway. It was kind of badass. So: If Jay Maynard, a guy who has achieved Internet fame for a homemade Tron outfit, wants to go see Tron in his outfit, how dare his local movie theater turn him away? But it’s happened, and TMZ has the scoop. Maynard’s theory as to why the movie theater turned him away? The outfit was just “too distracting.” Damn you, America. [TMZ]

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And the Year

Posted on 13 December 2010 by Christian

Congratulations to Antoine Dodson and Auto-Tune the News! Their collabo “Bed Intruder Song” took the coveted viral-video crown, with a cumulative 60 million views in 2010. The rest of the top ten, in order: “TIK TOK KESHA Parody,” Key of Awe$ome; “Greyson Chance Singing Paparazzi”; “Annoying Orange Wazzup”; “The Man Your Man Could Smell Like,” Old Spice; “Yosemitebear Mountain Giant Double Rainbow 1-8-10″; “This Too Shall Pass (Rube Goldberg Machine Version),” OK Go; The Twilight Saga: Eclipse Trailer; Jimmy Surprises Bieber Fan; Ken Block’s Gymkhana Three, Part 2. (By the way, this list excludes major-label music videos, a field obviously dominated by Bieber’s “Baby.”) If you haven’t seen any of these videos, get more mass-e-mail-prone friends. [YouTube Trends]

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Comcast gives Netflix the Finger, Demands cash

Posted on 30 November 2010 by mjones

“Screw You!” says Comcast to Netflix over a piddling pile of Pennies. “We demand cash, or we’ll slow down or stop your streaming videos. Net-Neutrality be damned!”

“But this is robbery!”, said the puppy-eyed and awfully cute Netflix. “We’ll take you to the Fed court you big mean bullies!”

The big, evil, (and in bed with NBC through their proprietary streaming service) Rampaging Comcast-Beast, hunched its evil shoulders and said, “Nay you will lose! This is merely a business disagreement, and hath nothing to do with freedom of information.”

And Lo, the battle raged… but few people realized how important of a battle it was.


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Nintendo Madness

Posted on 06 November 2010 by TH3 No08

Looking for something to do with those old nintendo cartridges you were gonna throw out when you replaced them with roms from the internet? Well why not turn them into wireless routers like this guy did. Follow the link to find step by step instructions on just how to do this. Looks awesome and/or time consuming…

Make your nintendo cartridges into wireless routers here…

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