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The Best of Video Game Voice Acting. Thanks Japan!!!

Posted on 03 January 2011 by mjones

"He wrote it in his blood." "Way to go kid!"

Ahhhh… Voice acting. Games these days need it. Unless you’re making a retro-styled, soon-to-be-showered-with-critical-Praise Indie Game, it’s pretty tough to tell a story without it. Even the most money tight budget titles I’ve played in the last two years have featured pretty passable voice acting. But it wasn’t always so Kids. And it was doubly-wasn’t so for Japanese games.

There’s a lot of reasons we could list for this. Different cultures; Hiring educational translation firms to read your lines for you; or Even just getting the one one fat, American programmer that’s on your Japanese-Based development team to do 80% of the characters. There’s a lot of methods at fault for the wackiness Japan has peed all over our consoles, like some kind of (probably) Japanese originating fetish or gameshow. But lets not look at the end results as bad, so much as we look at them as Awesome. Think about it, won’t you? Thank you.

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