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The Hobbit trailer is here!!!

Posted on 20 December 2011 by TH3 No08

In preparation for the release of this trailer which I knew was being released this weekend, my son and I sat down and watched The Two Towers today to get in the mood. It really did the trick. This trailer really puts you right back in The Shire like you never left. For a movie that’s not hitting theaters for another year there is an incredible amount of content here. Watch the trailer, then go back and watch the LOTR trilogy and prepare yourself for the adventure to come. I can’t wait!

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Watch The First 14 Minutes Of HBO’s GAME OF THRONES Here…

Posted on 05 April 2011 by TH3 No08

HBO is allowing you a nice preview of their newest epic A Game of Thrones. It is being described as a series on the same scale as Lord of the Rings. What’s to be seen is if they can bring to life characters that create the same attachment that we were left with in the Lord of the Rings trilogy. Watch it below…

For Immediate Release

March 4, 2011


HBO will present

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Full Details and Release Date for THE LORD OF THE RINGS Trilogy Blu-ray Extended Editions

Posted on 22 March 2011 by TH3 No08

Here’s the lowdown on the 15 disk set hitting the street on june 28th…

Warner Home Video

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The Hobbit Is No Longer Filming In New Zealand

Posted on 06 October 2010 by Christian

It seems even more trouble is afoot for the Hobbit movies. Now it appears its being forced to move filming locations.
Here is a quote from Peter Jackson courtesy of Stuff.com:

“The damage inflicted on our film industry by [the actors unions] is long since done. The move has undermined Warner Brothers confidence in the industry and they are now, quite rightly, very concerned about the security of their $500m investment. Next week Warners are coming down to New Zealand to make arrangements to move the production offshore. It appears we cannot make films in our own country even when substantial financing is available.”

Jackson was also quoted as saying he would have loved to stay in New Zealand, but the studio made the final decision to move locations. These movies just cant seem to get on the right track. And to think we got are hopes up after a green light from the studio and a potential release date. Hopefully this movie gets back on track soon because the fans,myself included, are going nuts in anticipation.

It seems the Australian actors union is getting the blame for any recent trouble after starting a boycott of the film. New Zealand minister of economics, Gerry Brownlee, advised New Zealand actors not to associate with Australian others because their influence was

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