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App Junkie Loves TV

Posted on 24 February 2011 by @brihannajoi

IntoNow for iPhone
By: IntoNow
Price: Free!

IntoNow is one of the newest apps to come to us for a fresh way of social networking. These days we must tweet and update just about everything in life, and what isn

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Documentary Screening at STAPLE!

Posted on 11 February 2011 by Christian

This year STAPLE! will be screening the documentary “Comic Book Literacy”


The film will be shown March 5th at 4:00 PM and afterward there will be a Q&A panel with the film’s director Todd Kent & James O’Bar (who appears in the film) moderated by Martin Thomas of Spill.com

This is the trailer for the documentary film “Comic Book Literacy” which showcases the use of comic books to promote literacy and education.

Find out more about the film and the filmmakers by visiting their website.

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App Junkie Loves Media

Posted on 04 January 2011 by @brihannajoi

ZumoCast for iPhone
by Zecter Inc.

So you have an iPhone. Awesome. You add your music, your apps and pictures, only to basically max out the phone’s capacity. Great. What about other media? What about loading movies for on the go? Why should you negotiate what stays and what goes based on the space on your iPhone? Well now you don’t have to.

ZumoCast, from the makers of ZumoDrive, turns your Mac or Windows PC into a media streaming server that you can access through any web browser or iOS device. You do have to set up an account and download the software to your computer, but the process is pretty painless. And unlike some similar applications, you don’t have to upload the files you want to access.

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