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Infographic: How SMS is changing the world

Posted on 11 October 2011 by Christian

The use of text messaging has noticeably been a standard. The rise in convenience of texting has also made an impact around the world. This infographic illustrates the astounding numbers behind text messaging and its implemented uses for medicine, government and banking.

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Lars Von Trier’s Malancholia is bat shit crazy/beautiful…

Posted on 08 April 2011 by TH3 No08

We always thought Lars Von Trier was crazy and after his last film Anthchrist he has removed any doubt. The trailer for Melancholia looks weird and crazy and utterly beautiful at the same time. It looks to have an amazing cast while telling a story that’s so preposterous you just have to see it. I want to see it now! Unfortunately we’ll have to wait a bit. Enjoy…

Melancholia from Zentropa on Vimeo.

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