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Darabont discusses what might have been with this season of The Walking Dead

Posted on 09 January 2012 by TH3 No08

There’s been an interesting/convoluted story floating around the internet for the last couple of weeks that has finally been addressed and brings to the fore front what might have been had Darabont never been fired from TWD. It started with a rumor regarding a supposed web series that would tell the back story of the dead soldier in the tank in episode 2 of season one into what would could have eventually become the season 2 opener. Here’s a video of Sam Witwer, the guy who played the dead soldier, discussing his part in what could have happened.

With all the rumors floating around Darabont felt it was important to address his adoring public through Quint from aintitcool.com. Here’s what he had to say regarding what could have been had he not been fired.

Dear Eric,

Sure, I

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Miss the Dexter season premiere last night? Watch it here!

Posted on 03 October 2011 by TH3 No08

If you’re one of the few people who missed the record setting return to Showtime of Dexter last night than here’s your chance to catch up before next Sunday’s episode. The folks over at Showtime were kind enough to allow us to stream the episode so everybody gets a chance to see how great this show really is. So check out the video below and let me know what you think about the premiere and what you expect to see from Dexter in the upcoming season.

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Episode 21:The Noob Rises

Posted on 04 February 2011 by TH3 No08

This week on the noobnews podcast, Richard and Christian discuss Joseph Gordon Levitt joining the cast of The Dark Knight Rises, the new segment “The Comic Break” brought to you by comicbreak.com, as well as all the Superman casting news you can fit in a pair of red tights. All this and much much more on this episode of The Noob News…

Here’s this weeks rundown…
Quick Hits…

movie news…

Joseph Gordon levitt signed on to Dark Night rises, who would you like to see him play? no riddler or joker in this movie, i could see him as a young dick grayson perhaps?.

television news…

Will ferrell will be doing a 4 episode stint as a saber manager helping to fill in for michael scott when he exits the show
later this season,

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Walking Dead Season 2 Featurette

Posted on 21 December 2010 by Christian

Check out this 4 minute featurette from AMC for the second season of the awesome Walking Dead set to air next October…

The below vid was released by AMC(via Movieweb) and features interviews with the show’s producers, as well as cast members such as Jon Bernthal, Jeffrey DeMunn and Sarah Wayne Callies..

There is no set date for the premier episode of season 2 as of yet, all we kno wis its around October 2011.

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ABC Gives Season Pickups to Better With You, No Ordinary Family

Posted on 06 October 2010 by Christian

Photo: ABC

Did you know ABC has a new comedy called Better with You airing Wednesdays at 8:30 p.m.? Apparently it does, and the network likes this show so much, it’s decided to order up a full season of 22 episodes, despite the fact that said half-hour has generated about as much buzz as a Hallmark Channel movie of the week. New ABC chief Paul Lee late Monday also gave a full-season order to the much more hyped new drama No Ordinary Family, confirmed the previous full-season pick-up for Brothers & Sisters and ordered 5 more episodes of fellow Tuesday night newcomer Detroit 1-8-7. ABC didn’t say anything about struggling crime drama The Whole Truth, however, which would indicate the show isn’t long for this world (though it may stay on the air through the end of the year). Meanwhile, back to Better with You: The comedy, which comes from the mind of former Friends (and Joey) exec producer Shana Goldberg-Meehan, has been doing acceptable, but hardly inspiring, Nielsen numbers, holding on to about 85 percent of its The Middle lead-in among viewers under 50 the last few weeks. That’s on par, or maybe a bit better, than recently renewed freshman comedies $*! My Dad Says and Outsourced. The latter two series, however, have gotten a lot more ink during the early part of the fall season– though mostly because critics have been slapping those shows for being really awful. Nobody’s talking much at all about Better With You, but now that it’s apparently going to be sticking around a while, we might actually have to watch it to see if it’s worth forming any sort of opinion about it whatsoever.

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