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Neighboorhood Watch Teaser Trailer Teases Us…

Posted on 29 February 2012 by TH3 No08

I don’t really know much about this other than the fact that it involves neighbor hood watch and aliens but what I do know is that all four main actors are very funny on their own so we can only hope they can put it all together and give us another great comedy this summer.

Suburban dads form a neighborhood watch group to get time away from their families, only to discover a plot to destroy Earth.

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Early Word On Green Hornet Is Very Positive

Posted on 14 December 2010 by Christian

Those that have seen the previews can’t actually review the movie yet, but word has slipped out that Michel Gondry’s Green Hornet has defied expectations and managed to be..pretty damn good!…

Early screening of Green Hornet have been happening at various venues in various countries since last week. Those that attended are not permitted to review the film yet, but that hasn’t stopped em from revealing whether they enjoyed it or not!

When it was announced that Seth Rogen would be playing Britt Reid(The Green Hornet) many people already wrote it off, assuming that Director Michel Gondry must be spoofing it up. Then some pretty cool shots revealed a slimmed down, quite serious looking Rogen. That was followed by some very good trailers that suggested a slightly comedic approach, but no more so than many action orientated films doing the round these days. Still some felt that the movie would miss the mark. Well, I haven’t seen it so I can’t confirm or deny that, but some net folks have revealed to me that they have never been more pleasantly surprised by a movie. Here is just one glowing..ummm, “endorsement” of The Green Hornet..

Now, I can’t review GREEN HORNET in any real detail. I’d like to. In fact, if I were to write it up with any real specificity this would be the longest of these reviews. But I feel i must say this. Although this is being released in January, traditionally a dump-month for the studios, I must insist that this isn’t a dump kind of film. I have no idea what kind of box office this will make. But this was for me the most pleasant surprise of all the premieres at BNAT. I really, really loved THE GREEN HORNET, and all I can say to you is that I urge you to see it with an open mind and and prepare to have a metric [frick]-ton of fun with it. I’m not bullshitting saying this, not trying to get into anyone’s good graces. An honest assessment of THE GREEN HORNET – it’s really [frick]ing good.

This comes courtesy of Nordling over at AICN, who watched the movie as part of their annual BNAT(Butt-Numb-A-Thon). I realize this is just one guys opinion, but I have heard from some fairly like minded people from other sites that its every bit as good as this dude above reckons.

Green Hornet stars Seth Rogen, Jay Chou, Cameron Diaz, Christoph Waltz, Edward James Olmos, David Harbour, Tom Wilkinson, and directed by Michel Gondry and hits theaters January 14, 2011.

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The Green Hornet Recieves Almost Unanimous Praise At Test Screenings Making A Sequel Likely!

Posted on 12 November 2010 by Christian

Despite a fairly troubled history and doubts from fans that this

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