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First Spider-Man Set Images Show ‘Gwen Stacy’ Attending a Funeral!

Posted on 09 December 2010 by Christian

Check out the first set images of Sony’s

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Spider-Man Reboot to Use Red Epic 3D Cameras

Posted on 08 December 2010 by Christian

The making of 3D movies is undergoing something of an evolution with the introduction of the Red Epic

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SNL Mocks Spider-Man Musical

Posted on 07 December 2010 by Christian

First it was Conan and now it’s

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First Look At Emma Stone As Gwen Stacy (Sort Of)

Posted on 06 December 2010 by Christian

Its not a set pic, but the actress was snapped on the red carpet sporting her blond locks for Marc Webb’s upcoming Spider-Man reboot..

Yes, I wrote an article based on someone’s new hairdo. But since this was such a big issue with fans when the usually red headed Stone won the role of Gwen Stacy, I figured people would want a glimpse at how she will look as the character come movie time. Stone was snapped on the red carpet for Trevor Live at the Hollywood Palladium.

Production is due to begin this month on the reboot which stars Andrew Garfield, Emma Stone, Rhys Ifans, Martin Sheen and Denis Leary. The film is directed by Marc Webb.

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Spider-Man: Episode 1 of Japanese Series Posted by Marvel

Posted on 02 December 2010 by Christian

Marvel.com has posted episode one of the Japanese

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Will We See A Brand New Suit In the Spider-Man Reboot?

Posted on 30 November 2010 by Christian

We all know that the suit in the first trilogy was great translated to the big screen, but what about the upcoming reboot? Are we going to see a very different costume than what we’ve seen before? Make the jump to find out!

Filming for the new Spider-Man film is starting very soon, and for now we know most of the cast and who are they going to play. But what about the iconic suit? In Sam Raimi’s trilogy, the costume was made very well, and they showed a great respect to the character creators.

Now, according to Showbiz Spy, it looks like that we will see a different, high tech suit in the 3D reboot:

“Andrew has been through numerous fittings for the suit which is a very high-tech design“, reveals a movie insider.

This could be very interesting and it doesn’t mean that they will change the look of the costume at all, but it brings some questions in what kind of direction are they going.

Marc Webb is directing the untitled reboot, with Andrew Garfield, Emma Stone, Rhys Ifans, Martin Sheen, Sally Field and Denis Leary starring in the upcoming adaptation.

Film is set to hit theatres on July 3, 2012.

So, what do you think of this? Just like I said, this doesn’t mean that they will change the whole suit, so keep that in mind. Put your thoughts below!

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New Behind-The-Scenes Spider-Man: Turn Off The Dark Promo Released!

Posted on 27 November 2010 by Christian

Check out the following video to see more footage of the cast web slinging and gliding around the stage as well as our first looks at Carnage, Kraven the Hunter and Hammerhead…

Featuring direction by Tony

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Dennis Leary In Talks For The Spider-Man Reboot

Posted on 18 November 2010 by Christian

Rescue Me actor Dennis Leary is in negotiations to join the Marc Webb – directed

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Andrew Garfield On Tobey Maguire And The Spider-Man Legacy!

Posted on 17 November 2010 by Christian

The actor talks a little about what it’s like to follow in the footsteps of the last actor who portayed Peter Parker and contemplates what it might be like to mess it all up…

The British actor had this to say in an interview at the ‘Young

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Kirsten Dunst Praises Spider-Man Reboot

Posted on 17 November 2010 by Christian

The actress known for her role as ‘Mary Jane’ in the past

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Zooey Deschanel To Play Betty Brant In Spider-Man?

Posted on 10 November 2010 by Christian


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Andrew Garfield Is Going to Approach Spider-Man Like It

Posted on 08 November 2010 by Christian

At the L.A. Times‘ Young Hollywood round table on Friday, the next Spider-Man maintained his image of adorable humbleness: “Ironically, I’m going to be the person in the audience [at the Spider-Man reboot] going, ‘Shit! Shit! They cast this English fool?’ I see [Spider-Man] like Hamlet or any Shakespeare play. Every actor is going to play King Lear differently because every actor is a different person. My approach isn’t going to change. I’m just going to approach it like I’m doing a short film of Spider-Man that my friend is directing. It’s kind of how I have to approach it or I’ll lose my mind. I’ll let you know next year [how that goes].” Sigh. [HR]

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Stan Lee Talks Captain America Cameo, Hulk TV Show And Andrew Garfield!

Posted on 06 October 2010 by Christian

The comic book creator reveals that he’s still not been contacted about a cameo in Captain America and shares his thoughts on a new Hulk TV series and Andrew Garfield as Spider-Man…

On A Cameo In Captain America: The First Avenger:

“I don’t know. They’re filming it in London and I don’t have the time to go there. Now if they shoot any scenes here in the States, I’m sure that I will be in one of them. But I wouldn’t imagine that they’re going to change their whole shooting schedule just to accommodate my cameo, so your guess is as good as mine at the moment.”

On The Prospects Of A New Hulk TV Series:

“Oh that’s very exciting, and I think it’ll probably be very good. I can’t wait to see it.”

On Andrew Garfield Being Cast As Spider-Man:

“I’m not that familiar with him, but if the powers that be chose him, I’m sure he’ll be good. You remember when Tobey Maguire was first selected, most of the fans were angry. They felt, what kind of a guy is that for a superhero? Nobody thought it was a good idea. Yet he turned out to be great. The people at Marvel who do these things are really pretty smart. If they chose this guy, he’ll probably be terrific.”


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Young Peter Parker & Billy Connors Casting Call for Spider-man Reboot Unveiled

Posted on 06 October 2010 by Christian

Source: Comicbookmovie.com

Sony is reportedly on a hunt for a young Peter Parker, and the son of The Lizard, Billy Connors, for the upcoming Spider-Man reboot. Make the jump for audition specs.
According to Moviehole, Sony launched auditions this morning in search of young actors for their Marc Webb-directed Spider-man reboot. The casting call not only calls for a young Peter Parker, but also a young Billy Conners, whose father Dr. Curt Conners, Welsh actor Rhys Ifans will be playing in the film. 

“Sony want[s] a dark-haired Caucasian boy to play actor Peter Parker at age 4 to 6 years old. Ideally, the boy should look a little like Andrew Garfield…In addition, the studio’s on the hunt for an actor to play Billy Connors, the son of Dr. Curt Connors… Applicants need be between 8 and 11 years old.” 

In the comics (via Comicvine), Billy Connors a young boy,is the son of Martha & Curt Connors. He once had cancer but is now a survivor. Billy alongside his mother must suffer the consequences of his father’s errors. Billy is put into a foster home after he is cured and retains no love for his father. When Curt becomes the Lizard in “SHED”, the Lizard wants to punish Connors and kills Billy who says just before he dies that he always new his dad would kill him. 

Anyhow, starring Andrew Garfield as Parker in High school, Emma Stone as Gwen Stacy, and of course Rhys Ifans as Dr. Curt Connors himself, Spider-Man 3D swings into theaters July 3, 2012. From today’s news, just knowing the film will be going in a different direction brings great feelings, what do you think?

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Rhys Ifans IS The Lizard in Spider-Man Reboot

Posted on 06 October 2010 by Christian

Many believed it, but now The Wrap has learned that Rhys Ifans will be portraying none other than the Lizard in Sony’s Spider-man reboot. Check it Out!

Yesterday, Sony announced Welsh actor & musician Rhys Ifans as the latest star to join the upcoming 3D Spider-Man reboot. And while the role was undisclosed, The Wrap has learned that…

“Rhys Ifans will play Dr. Curt Connors, better known as The Lizard, in Marc Webb’s “Spider-Man” reboot”

While Phillip Seymour Hoffman was rumored for Eddie Brock, Venom, the Wraps’ source says that the character would not be appearing in this film, but could show up in sequels. As many know, Secretariat actor Dylan Baker portrayed Dr. Curt Connors in Sam Raimi’s trilogy, but evidently never got the opportunity to show the character’s true colors; or scales in this case.

Anyhow, Ifans starring alongside Andrew Garfield and Emma Stone, Spidey returns to theaters July 3, 2012 in 3D.
 Source: comicbookmovie.com

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Rhys Ifans to Play the Spider-Man Villain!

Posted on 06 October 2010 by Christian

Rhys Ifans (Notting Hill) will play the villain, opposite Andrew Garfield as Peter Parker and Emma Stone as Gwen Stacy, in the next installment of Spider-Man from Columbia Pictures and Marvel Studios, it was announced today by Amy Pascal, co-chairman of Sony Pictures Entertainment and Matt Tolmach, president of Columbia Pictures.  The film, to be directed by Marc Webb from a screenplay by James Vanderbilt and produced by Avi Arad and Laura Ziskin, will begin production in December and will be released in theaters nationwide in 3D on July 3, 2012.

Commenting on the announcement, Tolmach said, “We have been very fortunate to attract some of the best actors working today to play the villains in the Spider-Man movies, and it is exciting to see that trend continue with Rhys Ifans.  After seeing his performance in our upcoming film Anonymous, we

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Posted on 06 October 2010 by Christian

The Noob News has learned that Warner Bros. Pictures is looking to shoot Christopher Nolan’s third Batman movie in New Orleans starting in April. We assume that won’t be the only location they’ll be filming, but the studio must like the city after recently wrapping Green Lantern there.

Other anticipated movies getting underway include: Men in Black III, which starts filming on October 18 in New York through May; Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance, which will shoot in Romania and Turkey starting in November; the untitled Spider-Man reboot, which begins shooting in Los Angeles in December; and The Avengers, which starts shooting in February in Los Angeles.
X-Men: First Class and Captain America: The First Avenger have been shooting in London as well.

Charging towards the start gate, but with no set dates yet, are the new Superman movie and Wolverine 2.

Stay tuned for many updates on these films over the next two years!

Source: Superherohype.com and Comingsoon.net

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Posted on 06 October 2010 by Christian

Emma Stone has been cast as the female lead in the upcoming Spider-Man film from Columbia Pictures and Marvel Studios, it was announced today by Amy Pascal, co-chairman of Sony Pictures Entertainment and Matt Tolmach, president of Columbia Pictures.Stone has been tapped for the role of Gwen Stacy opposite Andrew Garfield as Peter Parker. The film, to be directed by Marc Webb from a screenplay by James Vanderbilt and produced by Avi Arad and Laura Ziskin, will begin production in December and will be released in theaters nationwide in 3D on July 3, 2012.

The casting continues an association between Sony Pictures Entertainment and the actress, who previously starred in Superbad, The House Bunny, and Zombieland, all for Columbia Pictures; she may currently be seen in Screen Gems

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Episode 3 A Go!!

Posted on 06 October 2010 by Christian

This week on The Noob News ppodcast Richard and Christian discuss breaking news regarding the possible cast of the Spider Man reboot, how the Avengers movie is shaping up to be the biggest comic book movie ever, as well as how a piece of Star Wars history may one day soon destroy the earth as we know it. All this and much, much more on this weeks episode of The Noob News!

Speaking of Captain America here is a Sneak Peak at Captain America and the set.

Source: The Superficial

Source: The Media Club

Here’s the link to the awesome Walking Dead intro created by Daniel Kanemoto

Richard Branson Talking about his plans for future space travel with Virgin Galactic.

Here is a Richard’s favorite space disaster movie of all time… Starflight One: The Plane That Couldn’t Land starring his childhood hero Lee Majors.

Comic Relief comic book shop

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