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The Monday Morning Round Up February 2 2012

Posted on 06 February 2012 by TH3 No08

In a weekend that was expected to be a bit of a downer due to the Super Bowl it was actually a very strong weekend at the box office. Chronicle topped the weekend with 22 million beating out Daniel Radcliffe in his first role post Harry Potter. Both movies performed strongly saving what is usually a dreadful weekend at the movies.
Next weekend should be continue the uptick with big releases in “Journey 2: The Mysterious Island,” “Safe House,”"The Vow,” and the 3D release of “Star Wars: Episode I – The Phantom Menace” hitting on the same weekend.

1. “Chronicle,” $22 million.
2. “The Woman in Black,” $21 million.
3. “The Grey,” $9.5 million.
4. “Big Miracle,” $8.5 million.
5. “Underworld Awakening,” $5.6 million.
6. “One for the Money,” $5.3 million.
7. “Red Tails,” $5 million.
8. “The Descendants,” $4.6 million.
9. “Man on a Ledge,” $4.5 million.
10. “Extremely Loud & Incredibly Close,” $3.9 million.

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The incredible “The Avengers” superbowl trailer is here!

Posted on 06 February 2012 by TH3 No08

This is one of the best spots from Sunday’s superbowl commercials and really got me pumped up for The Avengers. Whedon really pulled out all the stops and I have to say the reveal of the Hulk was awesome. There’s even a nice scene of Loki and Tony Stark sharing some banter to fill in a little story info. Good stuff to check out including some nice tag lines.

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Teaser For ‘The Avengers’ Super Bowl Spot Released (Video) :

Posted on 01 February 2012 by Christian

Marvel has released a teaser for what fans can expect to see from the ‘The Avengers’ trailer on Super Bowl Sunday.

The 17 second clip features some new footage set to operatic music with glimpses of Robert Downey Jr. as Iron Man, Scarlett Johansson as Black Widow, Chris Evans as Captain America, Chris Hemsworth as Thor and The Hulk (who will be played by Mark Ruffalo).

The highly anticipated superhero film, for which the first trailer was released in October, assembles in theaters on May 4.

source: TVShark

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Ferris Bueller Sells Out for the Super Bowl…

Posted on 30 January 2012 by TH3 No08

Last week we were treated to a teaser for a Ferris Bueller project that set the internet on fire. It was speculated that it was everything from a reboot to a sequel to a television series. Most actually realized what it was early on when the date on the teaser matched up with the Super Bowl. Well here’s your first look at that Super Bowl commercial as Ferris Bueller sells his soul for a Honda ad. Yes they re-enacted major portions of the movie and substituted a Honda for the car used in the original. Now that I’ve ruined it for you by spoiling it feel free to watch Ferris Bueller sell out for some Honda Money.

To celebrate the launch of the all-new 2012 CR-V, Honda brought Ferris Bueller’s Day Off back in a big game commercial. We cast Matthew Broderick as himself, skipping out on a day of acting work and living it up in his all-new CR-V. Relive movie history with Honda’s fresh twist and wonderful homage to this ’80s classic.

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Fergie Knows That Her Super Bowl Performance Was

Posted on 08 February 2011 by Christian

Some have quibbled with the Black Eyed Peas’ halftime performance during yesterday’s Super Bowl, and Fergie feels you. “Some of my notes were pitchy to me,” sheadmitted to a radio show today. Still, “It was so exhilarating. The whole thing. It was so big. That’s a once-in-a-lifetime thing.” Fergie saved most of her defense for the beleaguered Christina Aguilera, whose

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Christina Aguilera Forgets Words to National Anthem

Posted on 07 February 2011 by Christian

Christina Aguilera mixed up the words to the National Anthem at the Super Bowl on Sunday. When she was supposed to sing, “Whose broad stripes and bright stars through the perilous fight, o’er the ramparts we watched, were so gallantly streaming,” the Grammy winner went with, “Whose broad stripes and bright stars through the perilous fight, what so proudly we watched at the twilight’s last reaming.” Whoops. Twitter users were quick to notice, and Aguilera’s Wikipedia page has already been updated to reflect the error. But she otherwise sounded fine! Check it out, below:

Aguilera Flubs National Anthem [ArtsBeat/NYT]

What are your thoughts?

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Official Captain America Super Bowl Spot and More!

Posted on 07 February 2011 by Christian

Paramount & Marvel Studios have finally unleashed the first look at Joe Johnston’s Captain America: The First Avenger movie in action, in the official Super Bowl Spot; revealing pre-Cap, Red Skull, Howling Commandos & more. Check it out!

Behold! The first long-awaited look at Marvel’s Captain America: The First Avenger movie in action, has unveiled in the midst of the 45th annual Super Bowl. Courtesy of Yahoo, check out the thirty-second spot & all it’s patriotic glory below. And for Apple HD, click HERE, Or switch the resolution in the video below. And embed even lower, are notable screengrabs.

Epic! Captain America: The First Avenger hits July 22, in 3D!

Check out the first issue of this comic set in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, which ties directly in to the Captain America movie…
There will be 8 issues in total. Click on the image below to start reading!

Written by Fred Van Lente , the comics will feature work from various artists.

Thanks to comicbookmovie for the heads up.

And Last but not least:
The official site for Captain America: The First Avenger has gone live tonight and they’re offering a wider, hi-res wallpaper of the image released in the poster and a series of other links…

Born during the Great Depression, Steve Rogers grew up a frail youth in a poor family. Horrified by the newsreel footage of the Nazis in Europe, Rogers was inspired to enlist in the army. However, because of his frailty and sickness, he was rejected. Overhearing the boy’s earnest plea, General Chester Phillips offered Rogers the opportunity to take part in a special experiment… Operation: Rebirth. After weeks of tests, Rogers was at last administered the ‘Super-Soldier Serum’ and bombarded by ‘vita-rays.’ Steve Rogers emerged from the treatment with a body as perfect as a body can be and still be human. Rogers was then put through an intensive physical and tactical training program. Three months later, he was given his first assignment as Captain America. Armed with his indestructible shield and and battle savvy, Captain America has continued his war against evil both as a sentinel of liberty and leader of the Avengers.

Just click on either of the following wallpapers to view them in their full size! Also, be sure to head on over to the site for an explosive opening and the chance to download the comic book!



Captain America: The First Avenger is set to be released on July 22, later this year!

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