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Visual effects demo reel from the film Black Swan…

Posted on 28 January 2011 by TH3 No08

It’s amazing the amount of detail work that goes into creating a good 3d compositions and the best part is when you don’t even notice it’s there until it’s pointed out. That is certainly the case with Black Swan. As an FX creator myself I’m always on the look out for poor work to ridicule and laugh at so I can look smart but this was not the case for this movie. Most of the effects I did not notice until watching this very cool video. Check out the effects and then wonder quietly to yourself why this movie wasn’t nominated for a best visual effects oscar…

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Natalie Portman Pregnant, Engaged to Black Swan Co-star

Posted on 27 December 2010 by Christian

Natalie Portman: Doing everything all of a sudden! Not content simply to star in the indie smash Black Swan, pick up award after award on the way to the Oscars, circle movies like the Alien prequel, The Great Gatsby, and The Dark Knight Rises, sit terrified while Annette Bening issues queenly pronouncements in her basso profundo during an actors roundtable, co-write a screenplay described as a “female-themed Superbad,” appear in roughly 8 million billion movies next year including Thor, Your Highness, and No Strings Attached, and wear vegan shoes made special for her by Christian Dior … deep breath to recover … the 29-year-old actress has now announced her engagement to ballet choreographer Benjamin Millepied, who appeared opposite her in Black Swan. What’s more, Portman is pregnant, People has confirmed. It’s her turn now! [People]

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