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Grimm Fairy Tales: The Dream Eater Saga

Posted on 23 May 2011 by TH3 No08

Grimm Fairy Tales: The Dream Eater Saga #0

Sponsored by: www.comicbreak.com

Written by: Raven Gregory
Art by: Anthony Spay

When picking up a comic such as Grimm Fairy Tales by Zenoscope (who have been building the Grimm Fairy Tales brand since 2005) you often find your self behind the cart before you even get started. The characters in these books are not your every day super heroes or characters that you would usually recognize from other comics so you have to do a little research or pick up some back issues to get up to speed on the story. Now don’t get me wrong, I’m not a lazy reader but that’s a lot of catching up to do and a lot of old comics to go on the hunt for and I just don’t have the time for it. Well for all you time challenged readers like me who just can’t fit a day of research into your comic reading this book is for you.

Grimm Fairy Tales: The Death Eater Saga #0 serves as both a beginning to a new story arc, the before mentioned Death Eater Saga, as well a detailed compendium of characters and background information on the series sure to quickly get you up to speed. Much like the .1 series of comics by Marvel, if you want to jump into the Grimm Fairy tale world this is the issue to pick up.

The Death Eater Saga begins with a brief 11 page back story on one of the main characters in the Grimm Fairy Tales world, Baba Yaga and how she became who she is. I don’t know if this story line has every really been touched on in this series before but they do a great job here of setting up her character and giving here a reason for being the vengeful, angry witch she has become.

However, When i reached the end of the first 11 pages and the story ended with only half the book gone I was a bit confused, that is until I turned the page and found a detailed description of the earth and realms, classes and factions, bios, as well as a check list of all the previous books and volumes to catch up on. Nice.

While I was originally expecting a more detailed story with more than just an intro to the character of Baba Yaga I found myself more than happy with what I got, and that was a well done introduction to the Grimm Fairy Tale world that left me excited and ready to pick up the next issue.

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Friday Artist of the Day: Paul Maybury

Posted on 25 March 2011 by TH3 No08

Over the next couple of weeks we are going to take a look at some of the talented comic writers and artists we spent time with at Staple-Austin over the past weekend. We had a great time meeting and interviewing these guys and girls and want to give you a chance to check out some of their work.

Paul is an Austin based artist and writer whose work has been featured by Marvel, DC, Dark Horse, Heavy Metal, Ubisoft, Metro, Image, Criterion and Mirage Studios. You can find his work in book stores everywhere or for more info visit paulmaybury.com. You can also read his original webcomic Party Bear for free here. So make sure you check out his stuff and support artist who are out there doing good work. I’d recommend Strange Tales #2: Little Lies. Classic art style, good stories, Definitly worth checking out…

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