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Chris Morris (Four Lions): An Introduction

Posted on 30 November 2010 by mjones

To most Americans, Chris Morris is a new face. His film Four Lions, reviewed HERE, has been receiving critical praise, and garnering both interest and condemnation (mostly from folks who haven’t seen the film and feel that its making light of an “untouchable” subject), but just who is Chris Morris, other than the funny boss on The IT Crowd? A lot of folks Stateside are wondering.

Well pull down the shades and kill the lights; It’s time to get dark. I am here to give you a briefing on the mans work, and touch a little on the man Himself.

Chris Morris has been a longtime staple of British Television and Radio. Starting in the late 80′s, his first real fame with the General British Public came with his writing and starring inThe Day Today show,

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