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The Green Hornet: Aftermath

Posted on 14 April 2011 by TH3 No08

The Green Hornet: Aftermath

Sponsored by: www.comicbreak.com

Written By: Jai Nitz

Art By:Nigel Raynor

Rocketing out of the events of the monster hit movie, follow the continuing adventures of Green Hornet and Kato as a power struggle for control over drug trafficking in Los Angeles turns violent. Green Hornet and Kato are just starting out, but they’ve attracted attention from the cops, the drug pushers, and even Homeland Security! Britt and Kato keep their alter egos hidden, but a new set of masked men on the scene complicates matters.

I’m not a huge fan of movie/comic crossovers. I prefer them to stay within their own that’s why I didn’t think much of The Green Hornet: Aftermath when I picked it up. It looked like a piece of promotional material for the movie that came out a few months back and I don’t need to be sold on a movie that I was never really interested in seeing in the first place but I read it anyway and suprise of all suprises, it’s actually not a bad comic.

The book picks up where the movie left off, which is a bit of a mystery to me since i didn’t see the movie but that didn’t really hurt too much. It starts with the typical scenario of Kato doing all the heavy lifting and The Green Hornet showing up at the last moment to take all the credit only this time the credit is being given to someone else by a pair on nosy Home Land Security officers. They think TGH is one of Reid’s reporters, Cullen Hurtt and this doesn’t sit well with either of the guys. Kato and TGH want a bit of the credit they feel they should be getting but don’t want to out themselves to accept it.

I like the book, the character chemistry is interesting, the art is classic comic inspired and the cover is dynamic, straight off a movie poster. If you enjoyed The Green Hornet than this is certainly worth picking up and if you haven’t seen the movie but would like an introduction to the character this is definitely a good point to jump on and check it out.

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Artist of the Week: Anthony Rezendes

Posted on 04 April 2011 by TH3 No08

Over the next couple of weeks we are going to take a look at some of the talented comic writers and artists we spent time with at Staple-Austin recently. We had a great time meeting and interviewing these guys and girls and want to give you a chance to check out some of their work.

Featured this week is artist and writer Anthony Rezendes of Cranium Comics. Cranium Comics describes themselves as an independent publishing entity that challenges traditional comic conventions with intelligent and sophisticated storytelling. They create titles that combine thought provoking writing, creative and gritty artwork, and a constantly questioning perception of good & evil. Anthony’s work includes Brawn, a comic about an everyman hero type who wakes up with a metal arm and legs, available here, and

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The Noob News Monday Morning Roundup #4

Posted on 04 April 2011 by TH3 No08

It’s Monday morning and that means it’s time to find out who the big winner was at the weekend box office. This weekends big surprise was the Easter themed Hop which nearly doubled weekend predictions with $38 million dollars. Hop topped Rango‘s strong opening by a small margin but probably does not have the legs that Rango has.

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All Con 2011: Black Mariah Interview

Posted on 24 March 2011 by mjones

Pasties! There… Now that thats out of the way (dusts off hands). Matthew Jones from The Noob News interviews Black Mariah, burlesque dancer and master costume & pastie craftsman, on the finer points of Inter-Woman politics, why geeks are avoiding free panty catalogues, and electric light-up bacon sandwhiches.

Don’t forget to visit her website: www.blackmariahdallas.com

P.S. – Best Burlesque Costome… EVER!

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All Con 2011: Neil Kaplan Interview

Posted on 22 March 2011 by mjones

Experienced Throat Artist Neil Kaplan takes a minute with The Noob News to talk about his start, what he will and will not say as Optimus Prime, and why there is no whipping of voice actors in LA.

Some of Neil Kaplan’s credits are Optimus Prime, Tychus Findlay from Starcraft II, and more Video Game and Anime voices than you can shake a stick at… go on, try it! I dare you…

P.S.- Here’s the video to which he was referring in the video… where he’s talking about the video… and stuff…

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Thursday Artist Of The Day: Monica Gallagher

Posted on 17 March 2011 by TH3 No08

Over the next couple of weeks we are going to take a look at some of the talented comic writers and artists we spent time with at Staple-Austin over the past weekend. We had a great time meeting and interviewing these guys and girls and want to give you a chance to check out some of their work.

Monica Gallagher is a talented comic writer and artist that just happens to be a super nice lady. She also makes awesome horror heroine portraits. You can check out her work and find more info about her at www.eatyourlipstick.com.
See her super long bio from her website below the interview we did with her at Staple…

Monica Gallagher is a graphic designer during the daylight hours and a comicker at night. While an animation major in college, Monica first tiptoed onto the comics scene with her webcomic Gods & Undergrads, following the awkward adventures of a girl transitioning into college life while simultaneously discovering her connection to Greek gods. Once her eyes had been opened to the online comics scene, Monica couldn’t help herself and continued to produce more work.

A short stint in amateur modeling led Monica to create both an autobiographical story dealing with her struggles with self-esteem (titled Boobage) and a fictional series dealing with a professional model who works part-time as an assassin (titled Lipstick & Malice). In 2010, she chronicled her experiences modeling in her autobio When I Was A Mall Model. Luckily, Monica emerged from modeling with both her boobs and her criminal record intact. She then discovered something else to become obsessed with and inspired by — Roller Derby. Bonnie N. Collide, Nine to Five is the result of her inspiration — a weekly webcomic that combines the superhero side of being a rollergirl with the Clark Kent side of working a day job. Monica just completed her first season as a member of the Junkyard Dolls, one of the four teams of lovely ladies of the Charm City Roller Girls. Sadly, she’s currently on a break from derby at the moment due to time constraints, but you better believe she’s still out there skating!

Recently, Monica contributed to Oni Press’s Roller Derby Anthology JAM! Tales from the World of Roller Derby which was released on June 23, 2010. She is currently working on illustrating a full-length graphic novel for Oni.

Monica continues to create short stories, contribute to anthologies, and tackle illustration work from her home in Baltimore, where she lives with her boyfriend and their dueling cats. Check out her blog for the latest dirt – you never know where she’ll pop up next!

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Comic Review: Wulf #1

Posted on 15 March 2011 by TH3 No08

Wulf #1
Sponsored by: www.comicbreak.com

Written by: Steve Niles

Pencil and Inks: Nat Jones

Colors: Nai

Letters and Design: Richard Emms

The instant the first flaming stone appeared in the night sky, Wulf know his world was doomed to perish. Perhaps not the planet itself, but certainly all life would be vanquished.

With these words we are launched on a new adventure.

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A more in depth trailer for Super 8 is here!!

Posted on 11 March 2011 by TH3 No08

I’ve been super excited to see this film since the early teaser from last fall. Abrams has really captured the 80′s Spielberg vibe here. I think a lot of it may have to do with the music and the whimsical bit of childhood nostalgia that seems to run throughout the trailer. Either way I can’t wait to see this when it hits June 10, 2011. This summers starting to look like its gonna be a big one after last years disappointments…

Set in 1979 Ohio, a group of six young children use a Super 8 camera to make their own zombie movie. One night while filming near a remote stretch of railroad tracks, the children witness a truck collide with an oncoming train leading to a catastrophic derailment. Amidst the fire and destruction, something inhuman emerges.

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The Noob News Artist Of The Day: Kennon James

Posted on 08 March 2011 by TH3 No08

Over the next couple of weeks we are going to take a look at some of the talented comic writers and artists we spent time with at Staple-Austin over the past weekend. We had a great time meeting and interviewing these guys and girls and want to give you a chance to check out some of their work. Up first is Kennon James. You can find some of his work at mohagencomic.com andwww.kennonjames.blogspot.com. Check back tomorrow for the next featured artist…

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Rango serves early notice to all Best Animated Oscar contenders…

Posted on 04 March 2011 by TH3 No08

I was raised on the Hollywood western. While my friends were off playing Star Wars and Indiana Jones I was playing Rio Bravo and The Rifleman. My hero was always the man in the white hat that never failed to save the day and always got the girl. I also loved classic comedy westerns such as The Shakiest Gun in the West, The Apple Dumpling Gang, and The Great Race. Their comedic twist on the movies I had grown to love so much as a child kept me smiling on the worst of days. Perhaps that

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Episode 24: Geek Weekend Live

Posted on 01 March 2011 by TH3 No08

This week on Noob Radio Richard and Christian are joined on location by friends of the show and contributors for Geek Weekend 2 and the semi-annual geek roundtable for a rowdy discussion of all the days news involving comics, video games, movies and television. It was a wild and rowdy time so check it out on this episode of Noob Radio!


Quick Hits
Sponsored by: Provenance Media

Movie news.
Lots of first looks this week

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Hold It Against Me

Posted on 17 February 2011 by lreed

Britney Spears’ highly anticipated seventh studio album Femme Fatale is confirmed to be released on March 29th. Check out her new music video for

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Episode 22: Noob Radio (yes we changed our name)

Posted on 10 February 2011 by TH3 No08

This week on Noob Radio Richard and Christian discuss why Fox News hates video games, what big name actor is not returning to The Dark Night Rises, and all their favorite movie trailers that premiered during last sunday’s Super Bowl. All this and much much more on this episode of Noob Radio…

We changed the name of our show but everything else is still the same. No reason why, just thought this one sounded cooler…

Here’s this weeks rundown of the show…

Last Sunday was Superbowl regardless of game its about the commercials, 3 million dollars for 30 seconds…
Superbowl commercial favorites…


Movie News…
Liam Neeson Will NOT Return As Ra

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The New York Five: 1 of 4

Posted on 06 February 2011 by TH3 No08

The New York Five: 1 of 4
sponsored by: ComicBreak.com

Written by BRIAN WOOD


There’s nothing more exciting than college life in the big city. But complications can follow you from dark places

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Get a special level of angry birds by watching the Rio trailer on Superbowl Sunday

Posted on 05 February 2011 by TH3 No08


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WIN WIN Trailer starring Paul Giamatti peaks my interest.

Posted on 05 February 2011 by TH3 No08

Paul Giamatti stars as a lawyer/part time high school wrestling coach who discovers a wrestling phenom, this looks very interesting. I like Giamatti and he looks to be in fine form in this one surround by a strong supporting cast…


Disheartened attorney Mike Flaherty (Giamatti), who moonlights as a high school wrestling coach, stumbles across a star athlete through some questionable business dealings while trying to support his family. Just as it looks like he will get a double payday, the boy’s mother shows up fresh from rehab and flat broke, threatening to derail everything.

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Drive Angry 3D Superbowl Spot

Posted on 05 February 2011 by TH3 No08

Here’s another badass trailer for Drive Angry. This one will be featured during the Superbowl so check it out so when you see it on Sunday you can say you saw it here first…


“Drive Angry” stars Nicolas Cage as Milton, a hardened felon who has broken out for one last chance at redemption. Hell bent on stopping a vicious cult of fanatics who murdered his daughter, he has three days to stop them before they sacrifice his infant granddaughter beneath a full moon. Milton must use his anger to go beyond all human limits in order to save his last connection with humanity.

He’s joined by Piper, a young sexy-smart waitress who liberates her ex-boyfriend’s cherry red muscle car in order to help Milton. Now, the two of them are hot on the trail of the charismatic Jonah King and his murderous followers. King will throw every one of them faithful under the wheels of Milton’s turbo-charged Black ’71 Challenger, to fulfill his destiny and unleash hell on earth.

But the bloodthirsty cult is the least of Milton’s problems. The police are after him, too. And worse. An enigmatic killer known only as “The Accountant.” The Accountant knows what Milton is trying to and simply doesn’t care. With wicked cunning and hypnotic savagery, the Accountant will relentlessly pursue Milton at high speed across the forgotten back roads of the American south.

Fueled by high octane and pure rage, Milton and Piper must battle the onslaught of King’s disciples, avenge his murdered daughter, and save his granddaughter before his last chance at redemption is revoked.

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Episode 21:The Noob Rises

Posted on 04 February 2011 by TH3 No08

This week on the noobnews podcast, Richard and Christian discuss Joseph Gordon Levitt joining the cast of The Dark Knight Rises, the new segment “The Comic Break” brought to you by comicbreak.com, as well as all the Superman casting news you can fit in a pair of red tights. All this and much much more on this episode of The Noob News…

Here’s this weeks rundown…
Quick Hits…

movie news…

Joseph Gordon levitt signed on to Dark Night rises, who would you like to see him play? no riddler or joker in this movie, i could see him as a young dick grayson perhaps?.

television news…

Will ferrell will be doing a 4 episode stint as a saber manager helping to fill in for michael scott when he exits the show
later this season,

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R.I.P. The White Stripes

Posted on 02 February 2011 by TH3 No08

So apparently the White Stripes have decided to call it quits. They left this note on their website…

The White Stripes would like to announce that today, February 2nd, 2011,
their band has officially ended and will make no further new recordings or perform live.

The reason is not due to artistic differences or lack of wanting to continue, nor any
health issues as both Meg and Jack are feeling fine and in good health.

It is for a myriad of reasons, but mostly to preserve What is beautiful and special about
the band and have it stay that way.

Meg and Jack want to thank every one of their fans and admirers for the incredible
support they have given throughout the 13 plus years of the White Stripes

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Markus Schulz

Posted on 02 February 2011 by lreed

After his much anticipated album

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