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Hide Your Popcorn! Blubberella is Coming to Theaters!

Posted on 06 October 2010 by Christian

The official synopsis is not any kinder with how they describe the first female fat superhero.

Uwe Boll really isn’t saying much about his Horror Comedy featuring the first Fat Chick Superhero!

A pic and an official synopsis has been let loose, but that’s about it.

The first female fat superhero … She will kick major ass – with her major ass …

This is the first time someone has stuck their neck out to promote a true ‘fatty’ movie. At least this time all the critics cant bitch about the lead character being to thin, like ‘Becky, look at her waist, you know she just went back into her trailer and threw her lunch up!’ The comment on the Blubberella set would be more like ‘Holy Sh&t, it looks like Blubberella just ate the skinny lead actress that walked into her trailer and just threw her lunch up! One Bite, WOW, that Blubberella, she’s not much for conversation but she sure sweats a lot!’

Did I wake up on April Fools Day? I think I did!


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