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STAR WARS: Volkswagen Debut Their Full Super Bowl Ad

Posted on 01 February 2012 by Christian

Found this cool article over at ComicBookMovies and wanted to share..

We have seen the teaser with dogs barking the Imperial March, now check out the full commercial. It doesn’t seem to be Star Wars related at first, but keep watching..

I despise a good 99% of all product commercials but when they are funny/cool it lessens my ire a bit. These Volkswagen ones have tied into Star Wars in some pretty awesome ways so they get a pass. Anyway, we have seen the little boy Vader, and the teaser featuring dogs barking the Imperial March. Now check out the full Super Bowl spot which once again features a pooch – and then veers off into Star Wars territory in a pretty strange but very funny way..


Source: ComicBookMovie

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