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WORLD OF WARCRAFT: Hilarious New Promo Commercial Featuring Chuck Norris!

Posted on 23 November 2011 by Christian

Blizzard Entertainment has revealed this awesome new television commercial via the official World of Warcraft You Tube account, featuring none other than the legend himself, Chuck Norris as a Hunter. Check it out…

Chuck Norris didn’t break a sweat filming the newest World of Warcraft television spot. Instead, he made the director cry and then cooled himself with the tears.

This World of Warcraft television commercial debuted on CBS during the first half of the Chargers-Bears NFL game Sunday, November 20, 2011.

World of Warcraft

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Blizzard Launches new expansion, Cataclysm for WoW

Posted on 07 December 2010 by Kevin Minke

Last night marked the launch of Cataclysm, the third expansion for Blizzard’s World of Warcraft. Cataclysm includes: thousands of new quests, two new playable races, Worgen – Alliance and Goblin – Horde, both of which have their own starting zones; five new high-level zones that span the new 80-85 leveling content; seven new five-man dungeons (plus two heroic versions of classic dungeons); three end-game raids; a new profession; two new PvP battlegrounds; and one world PvP zone.

In addition, Cataclysm features a revamp of Azeroth, the portion of the game world that went live when WoW originally launched in 2004, providing a much improved leveling experience for new players and alts. This is by far one of the best parts of this new expansion for WoW, as a former player I love the idea of destroying the world that you’ve played in and know every inch of and revamping it to a new and interesting world. Hopefully this will add a much needed reason to keep old subscribers and bring back those that might have left.

Those looking for a general overview of what’s happening in Cataclysm should check out Joystic’s WoW Insider’s Cataclsym page. It’s loaded with links that span all over their site. Over at MMO-Champion they have posted a comprehensive collection of information on new instnaces, reputations, raids and gear that can be found. Of course, Cataclysm’s launch has brought the video game addiction debate back to the forefront as if there was startling new evidence.

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